Monday, December 1, 2008

I also heart Almost Live!

After mentioning Almost Live! I went fishing for some classic Almost Live! clips. They used to not be on youtube a couple months ago -- so glad they are not monitoring them right now. This summer I found my old VHS tapes full of best of episodes and brought them up to Seattle because Mike's family still actually has a VCR. Anyway, here are some truly classic sketches. Oh how I miss this show. Some of these are funnier if you know the Seattle area, but still funny nonetheless.

Oh man I love youtube.

Ok so I know it's a lot, but don't feel the need to sit down and watch all at once. Best to save the laughs for different times in the day.

PS. Lynwood is right where Mike grew up (mentioned in Unsolved Mysteries of Seattle and Lynwood School of Beauty). I lived in Bellevue.


taradise said...

Oh man those were AWESOME. i've never seen Almost Live before, so thank you for that. And I too love Joel McHale. Oh sweet laughter.

Whits said...

So glad you enjoyed! Mike and I just spent the past couple of hours laughing about all the new youtube videos of old Almost Llive clips. Oh good times.