Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting Rad with the Nieces and Nephews

Two weekends we took a small trip to Salt Lake for a friends wedding with a bonus of visiting these guys who are just awesome. 

Also we've been letting this guy into our bedroom more recently.  Usually he just runs and hides under the bed but now he's decided he's taking over the top of the bed.  He even decided to take a nap on my Seersucker suit after church on Sunday.  My mom and dad came down to visit last week for a day and they finally got to meet him.  I included a picture for you guys to get a sense of how big he is now. 

To be fair though my mom is only 5'1"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Franchise

Mike and I have talked a lot about things we could do with our lives. See, he is applying for different programs and has his whole graduate career ahead of him, and I...well, I daydream about doing something other than my current job (which is awesome! and I love it! and so grateful I have it! but maybe not something I want to do for the next 30 years of my life) we talk a lot about random ways to make a bunch of money.

It has come up a few times that we should just buy a bunch of fast food franchises a la the Tuohys. Problem is you need a lot of start up capital. Too bad -- so this remains a pipe dream. But anyway, this conversation happened today while eating IN and OUT.

Me: "Dude, do you know how fat we would be if we owned a Little Cesear's? "

Mike: "Dude, do you know how fat we would be if we owned any franchise, let alone many franchises?"

Me: "Yeah like adding on a Taco Bell"

Mike: "Oh yeah, double deckers all the time? Or a McDonalds? I would eat Big Macs all the time"

Me: "Hmmmm taco bell..."

Both: Laughter