Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'll admit it

I cried when we left Boston. It might have been the sleep deprivation and the relief that came from getting everything done, but I burst into tears as we sped down Storrow Drive on Wednesday afternoon in our hired van stuffed full of our luggage.

It was totally unexpected and I'm still trying to analyze why I did cry. When I called my mom while I was on the plane before we took off, I told her I cried and she cried from me just telling her that I cried. She told me she was crying because she was so proud that I moved to Boston and finished my law degree. My theory on why I cried is because it was a really hard place to live, but I felt like I made it home, made some incredible friends that I always want to keep in touch with, and yeah, I got two degrees in three and a half years. But it was hard and out of my comfort zone.

I will miss Boston and I have great memories there.

Why didn't I cry when I left Utah?


CoCo said...

Whit - you have had MAJOR life changes in the last couple of months (all positive), but still common to have stron emotions tied to those changes. I'm so proud of you!

Rich Wood said...

Ya, I'm definitely getting ready for the tears when I drag Lisha away from her family... and friends... and home... to Arizona... hot ... desert.

Although, the weather down here right now is AWESOME! No snow! No cold!

Laureny said...

whit! i love that you cried. i miss you already!! xoxox

k8 said...

boston makes people cry. this place ain't easy baby but you really made your mark here.

i'm glad you were invested in it enough to cry about it.