Friday, February 13, 2009

TV Guide

First off sorry for my absence from the blog I've been pretty busy being Mr mom.  Second my wife is awesome.  I say that for the reason that she's so much fun and spontaneous.  For instance we were walking to the grocery store the other day to find some lunch and she decides she wants to walk like a robot.  Here's the proof.
It really is never a dull moment with her.

And finally on to the blog post...

Back in the single years I really wasn't one for too much television.  I mean I'd watch my sports but other than that I never had a TV schedule per say.  I'd never had to be home to make sure I'd catch a show.  If I missed it oh well.  Now that I'm married I've been introduced to scheduled TV watching.  We have our weekly shows that we watch and we never miss them thanks to our little DVR.  Ever since the fall I've been introduced to the lives of the upper east side students, Coach Taylor and the Dillon Panthers, fashion guru Tim Gunn, Simon, Paula, Randy, Kara, and a girl that works for Diane Von Furstenburg (I actually don't watch the City it's the only show I can't stand).  Now the manly part of me says that this is just so I can spend time with the girl I love but deep down I'm starting to get into the shows even though I'll never admit this to Whitney (I guess I just did).

I want to know what's going to happen to Chuck Bass next.  I want certain people cut from Project Runway because they suck at fashion. I want Tim Riggins to go to college. Also the judges on American Idol are idiots and don't know what real talent is. Five years ago I'd never even known who Tim Gunn was let alone watch a show that he hosts.  I'm slowly getting sucked into a weekly TV habit and I think I'm kinda starting to like it. 


Gossip Girl


Rich said...

Mike! I just read this to Lisha and her sister out loud at the breakfast table. We laughed like crazy! You have never written anything as funny as this.

By the way, this post made me feel better. Lisha, is sucking me into the world of Gossip Girl as well.

I'll never tell... gossip girl

CoCo said...

Mike - this is the sweetest post EVER! Major respect points for playing the honesty card. :)

k8 said...

oh mike, you made brenda and i giggle and giggle with this one. well done sir.

and seriously, i'm so glad tim riggins is going to college!

Morgan said...

mike i wanted to let you know youre a blog whore how many blogs have you started? just like richard. tis tis and ps you know you love somebody when youre willing to sit through an episode of the city!

taradise said...

I am with you on Chuck Bass. He is the best part of the show. I love that you and Whitney are full-blown show watchers. It does my heart good.

Stephen said...

Mike, this is the funniest AND gayest post at the same time. You're the man