Monday, July 13, 2009

Bingeing and Purging

Most of you know I like to shop. I blame it partly on my mom. She is one of the most stylish women you will ever meet. I swear there is a gene she passed down that makes me crave clothes and shoes and handbags (at a discount, of course). This gene did not start to express itself until I was in college, but nevermind the time lapse, I can say now that I am officially addicted to a good deal (the more off the retail price, the better).

I went on a purge of shopping last month. I sold a bunch of clothes up in the Haight and I decided to hold myself to a little contract I wrote on a post-it note. No buying clothes or shoes for 1 month. Simple enough.

I told my mom about this little experiment. Her reaction..."but this is the best time for sales!" Touche. (Side note: My mom does encourage me to save my money! She is not always devil's advocate.) (Side note 2: Mike is a really good analyzer of purchases. I usually ask his advice and he is good at talking me out of purchases I will regret and letting me know when he knows I'll really like something. Sometimes though I just go for it.)
I made it 3 weeks into my 4 week stint. The breaking point was this email in my inbox.

The email was opened at 11:04 AM and I went directly to kate spade's website at 11:05 AM and then called the store at 11:06 AM. Seeing that the skirt I had eyed for months was an additional amount off, I knew I couldn't hold out one more week for fear it would sell out. I took my lunch a little early and went over to the store. I ended up with earrings, necklace, skirt and shoes. Oops. Talk about falling off the wagon.

For the 4th of July Mike and I went down to Huntington Beach. We were planning on going to Disneyland on the 3rd, but then opted out the night before due to the local's warning of 2 hour lines. (boo!) So guess where we went on Friday...South Coast Plaza. Bad news. No major damage there, although I did find two skirts at Zara that were more than half off, not bad. Plus they count as work skirts too -- hooray!

Corey picked us up and we went to her favorite DSW. Trouble. What am I supposed to do with 70% off designer shoes? Buy two pairs. (I saved $700!)

Then on Saturday, Gilt Groupe had John Varvatos for Converse where the perfect navy trench coat appeared. I thought about it for a while, showed it to Corey and got her approval. (San Francisco is perfect trench weather!) It was added to the cart and the next thing I knew I had made another purchase.

Last week was Gilt Groupe's final clothing and accessories sale. I knew I could not keep myself away from this either. The deals are too incredible. I got a handbag that was $1,100 for $168. And two pairs of shoes (where to put all of these shoes!?)

Needless to say, I fell off the wagon. Hard. And I will admit I am now sick of shopping (no, really).

But this week on Friday is the Nordstrom sale. Oh No.

P.S. I am an enabler. (thanks Corey!) If anyone wants a Gilt Groupe invitation, let me know. Don't say I didn't warn you.


kt said...

hee hee. I love you.

CoCo said...

You're welcome. :)