Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Once Upon a Time

there was an air horn.

The air horn was used to honk at people walking the streets of Provo, with its use targeted at couples holding hands. The two friends that had the air horn had hours of fun giggling at people that jumped or reacted to the air horn. Sadly, one day the air horn ran out of air and died, making no more loud noises to scare the passerbys of Provo.

Then came the megaphone.

These two friends went to Radioshack in Orem together looking for the perfect megaphone so that their adventures conversing with the pedestrians roaming Provo could continue. A salesman tried to sell one friend, let's call him "Mike", a large $100 megaphone, complete with voice activator attachment. Mike went for the smaller version, for less money, but with just as much impact and complete with 20 programmed jingles.

Thus, Mike and the other friend, let's call her "Whitney", continued their adventures riding around in cars and using the megaphone to deliver witty messages to unsuspecting college-aged foot travellers.

The megaphone has remained in Mike's car to this day, and he still uses it to tell Whitney that he loves her as he drops her off from a lunch date as she walks into her firm.

Today while Whitney was at work, Mike emailed Whitney this message and accompanying picture.

It made Whitney chuckle and made her miss Mike.


kt said...

so. great.

Nat Attack said...

I'm in love with this story!

Morgan said...

oh mike, how i miss the beast and the blow horn, if we had a dollar for every time we yelled at dane gibson with that thing we would be rich bitch!

CoCo said...

hearty happy over this story. thanks for making ME smile today.