Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hope for the Unemployed

Today started like most others, Mike and I tossing and turning before finally deciding to get out of bed. Then finally rolling out of bed around 11 AM. Only the rest of the day was different.

Today was....


Mike and I were so excited to cash in on our favorite burritos for FREE today while the new Chipotle opened down the street. While in line they had Chipotle peeps giving out shirts, magnets, etc. Some people had to freestyle rap about Chipotle for the shirts, some had to answer Chipotle trivia, but Mike and I got our shirts for doing real work...actually scratch that, NO work. That's right. We got the t-shirt lady to come talk to us after I told her you wouldn't find bigger Chipotle fans in the line. She asked if we lived or worked around the area, and I smirked and said we lived in the area (both Mike and I had super greasy hair, it was day 2 of no shower and we had just rolled out of bed 20 mins prior). She asked if we were playing hookey from work, we looked at each other and laughed and told her we were both unemployed. Then she gave us a T-shirt, just like that. We then told her we just got married and she gave us a hug. Then she preceeded to tell everyone we were newlyweds, and she didnt mention the fact that we were unemployed. HAH. We only had to wait 30 mins for a delicious FREE burrito and we even got the guacamole for free. It was grrrrreat. And we got tickets for Quantum of Solace for tomorrow afternoon. Woop!

Anyway it was awesome. Other than that the rest of the day was pretty school apps, laundry, internship paperwork, internship work, powdered sugar run to make whipped cream, pumpkin pie and whipped cream for dinner, the office, 30 rock, its always sunny in philadelphia, and the pats game. We also decided to be risky and sit on our couch which we havent done for a week after we got sprayed for a second time for bed bugs. Woo hoo! No bites yet...(knock on wood).


k8 said...

i can't believe i missed chipotle day.

taradise said...

You guys must emit some kind of awesome newlywed luck rays.

Rich Wood said...

You. are. livin. my. dream. life.

Mberenis said...

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